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About Off Book Antics

Off Book Antics aims to inspire growth in teens all over the Pioneer Valley through theatrical opportunity. In rehearsals where our members are encouraged to make mistakes, we help artists our age unfilter the power of their individual voice. This self-discovery applied to the advocacy for underrepresented and marginalized narratives is something that, whether they go into theatre as a profession or not, makes our generation's future stronger as a whole.


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Caraline Casey the bald soprano eugene ionesco

Meet the Founder

Howdydoo! I’m Caraline Casey, and I still wear my Shakespeare with sunglasses shirt from middle school. I want to help others learn to proudly wear their heart on their sleeve regardless of prior exposure to the stage. We kick off each rehearsal with a group check-in to foster the vulnerability needed for ALL to reach creative discovery. In a highly collaborative setting, where we collectively choose material relevant to the current moment, I hope to create an outlet for you to tell the stories you've never gotten to tell before. If you feel like it’s too late to dip your toe into a new passion, scratch that idea and audition for Off Book Antics!

If you have any questions at all regarding auditions, teaming up on a project, or how you can get involved, feel free to chat me up at

Teen-led means the...

Producing  •  Directing  •  Tech

    Fundraising  •  Performance  •  Business-management 

And more!

is 100% us!

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